Call for submissions on protected wildlife management

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is reviewing the legislative framework for protected wildlife under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

The discussion paper and points seeking feedback can be accessed here.

Some issues that the Department are seeking feedback on are:

  • the unregulated taking of wild animals.
  • if the current system for keeping protected animals is outdated,
  • and the possibility of self-assessable approaches.

NQCC will be writing a submission. If you have any comments you’d like to contribute, please send Maree an email or call the office on 4771 6226.

You can write your own submission too. Submissions close Friday 29 July at 5 pm.

Paperbark e-newsletter June 2016


Welcome to the June edition of Paperbark. With an election approaching, there has been a flurry of activity at the NQCC office. In this issue: AMCS – membership – Election forums for Herbert and Dawson – Great Barrier BeerWendy’s launch partyGolf course wateringLetters to the Bulletin – Vegetation Management – Election scorecards – Cash for containersNational Parks winEmu research

We are sharing our office space until the election with a community campaigner from Australian Marine Conservation Society, Tamara Parr. The focus of this campaign is to remind voters in Dawson electorate about the Reef when they head to the ballot box Continue reading “Paperbark e-newsletter June 2016”

Latest Media Releases

Rarely do these get published in our local newspaper, but NQCC will continue writing them!

Here are our latest media releases:

‘Tree clearing laws needed to protect Reef’

‘No public funding for Adani’

‘Bleached coral cup for Queensland’s worst climate deniers’

‘Government targeting advocates not culprits’

If you would like to read our history of media releases, you can find it on this page.

If you read about an environment or conservation issue in the paper, please feel confident to write a letter to the editor. We need our side of the discussion to be fairly represented in our news media too.

Paperbark e-newsletter May 2016

Paperbark-1921-finalWelcome to the May edition of Paperbark!

With a new month comes a new acting coordinator. I, Maree, would like to thank Wendy Tubman for her enormous contributions to NQCC over the past years in the position of coordinator. Filling her role is a responsibility I’m not taking lightly and I am diving straight into continuing the good work of NQCC as the voice for the environment.

In this issue: Pollution Free Politics, Vegetation Management, two movie screenings, Eco-Fiesta, a solar farm for Townsville, Adani in court, government attacks environmental groups, Coastcare and more.

Event: Pollution Free Politics, 18 May


Our Government needs to stop subsidising the industry that is destroying our reef! Our Great Barrier Reef has experienced its worst ever recorded bleaching event. The message is clear – we can have coal or we can have a healthy reef.

Townsville will be joining communities up and down the reef Continue reading “Paperbark e-newsletter May 2016”

Welcoming our new coordinator

Back in October 2011, Wendy Tubman, then a member of the NQCC Board, volunteered to step into the vacant role of Coordinator for a three month period ‘while we found someone else’. Four and a half years later she is leaving NQCC so that she can stand as the Greens candidate for the seat of Herbert in the forthcoming federal election.

It’s hard to say ‘all the best’ to Wendy without appearing to take a party-political stance, which we avoid, but we can and do thank her for the enormous time and effort she put into NQCC.

MareeBut NQCC isn’t going away, of course. We have a young, enthusiastic and environmentally well-connected woman standing in as Acting Coordinator until we advertise the position in three months time. She is Maree Dibella (right), who has a Degree in International Studies and, until recently, was working with the Green Army as a Team Supervisor.

Maree is contactable on the NQCC numbers (07) 4771 6226 or 0428 987 535 and at from next Monday on. Please feel welcome to contact her if you have any questions about current NQCC campaigns or how you can become more involved.