Adani Carmichael Coal Mine: Addressing the Facts

This is a post by outgoing Community Campaigner Jacob Miller.

The Adani Carmichael Project has increasingly benefited from State and Federal Government support while the list of financial institutions distancing themselves the project continues to grow. Supporters of the mine try to justify the project, citing the supposed economic benefits for North Queensland and even go so far as to claim coal from the mine will help India reduce its carbon emissions. This post is going examine and dispel the myths that are being used to prop up the case for the Carmichael project.

The Adani Carmichael Mine as ‘Critical Infrastructure’

The Queensland Government declared the Adani Carmichael project ‘critical infrastructure’ in October; reducing the amount of red tape for the project and allowing the Coordinator General to sign off on approvals quickly. The apparent justification for labelling the project critical infrastructure Continue reading “Adani Carmichael Coal Mine: Addressing the Facts”

A Case For a Floating Solar Farm in Townsville’s Ross River Dam

A study on the viability of a Floating Solar Farm on the Ross Dam
A Floating Solar Farm In Japan – Photo by Charles Goodell

This is a guest post by Elly Hanrahan, an intern for the North Queensland Conservation Council. All views expressed are representative of Elly and not necessarily of the NQCC.

Townsville is currently experiencing its driest 11-month period since records began in 1841. With no action on water security from any level of government, desperate residents have formed the newly created Facebook group called ‘Water For Townsville Action Group’ in order to come up with a plan to secure Townsville’s water supply into the future.

At the moment, Townsville City Council is pumping 130 mega litres (ML) of water a day from the Burdekin and at a cost of roughly $27,000 per day. Even whilst pumping at full capacity, the dam level continues to drop with Townsville residents using roughly 1,700L per day- more than eight times the average usage of Brisbane residents. Evaporation also plays a large part in the shortage; given the extraordinary size of the shallow dam, Councillor Paul Jacob confirmed to the Townsville Bulletin that we lose between ‘20 and 40 mega litres per day due to evaporation alone’.

It is obvious that prolonged pumping is not a sustainable solution as it is both expensive and inefficient. Many solutions have been proposed such as duplicating the Haughton pipeline from the Burdekin, desalination systems, recycling plants and the proposed construction of the Hell’s Gate dam. One of the more creative solutions put forward on the Water Action Facebook group was a floating solar panel array on the Ross River Dam itself.

Continue reading “A Case For a Floating Solar Farm in Townsville’s Ross River Dam”

Planned funding cuts to Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

One of the first actions of the new Australian Parliament last week was the introduction of the Omnibus Bill; a suite of policy measures aiming to save $6 billion. One of the savings measures is to strip the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) of $1.3 billion of its funding. NQCC doesn’t think that this is a good idea. Let us explain why… Continue reading “Planned funding cuts to Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)”

Great turnout for climate march!

Townsville Climate March
Photo: Elise Howard

An estimated 600+ people marched on a hot Saturday afternoon in Townsville to join over 2300 such groups in 150+ countries calling on global leaders to take strong and effective climate action.
Photo: Marc Gregory from Visual Echo Photography

Arriving at the Burke Street headland after walking the one kilometre from the Rockpool, the crowd listened to short addresses by Dr Charlie Veron, Dr Farvardin Daliri and NQCC’s Sandy McCathie before joining in a rousing rendition of One Million Women’s Paris-tailored version of ‘You’re the voice’, led by Islanders Sara Shaw and Danni Ceccarelli.

The 30 second YouTube clip, filmed and produced by Santiago Calero of, brilliantly captures the essence of the march.

Townsville Auatralia Climate March 2
Photo: Malcolm Tattersall

The event was immediately followed on the beach by the making of Heads in the Sand 2, a stop-motion video for Paris – a follow-on from the ‘Heads in the Sand’ image that went viral last year, and which was described by Buzzfeed as the world-best summing up of climate action by our leaders. The original image and the video, which has been sent to Avaaz for showing in Paris, were the brainchildren of the creative Magnetic Island Cranky Curlew Productions.

Thanks to all who helped make this great turnout happen and made the event work – to our speakers, to Bob and the Townsville Folk Club, Wild Gravity, Sabine Carter, Malcolm Tattersall, Greg Keating, Marc Gregory, Santiago Calero and the numerous NQCC volunteers who acted as marshalls, helped set-up and pull-down at the event and helped with promotion, and, especially, to all those who came on down and helped send a strong message to Paris.

It is worth noting that all local politicians at all levels were individually invited to attend the march. Deputy Mayor Vern Veitch sent an apology, explaining that he would have been there had he not had a prior engagement. We didn’t hear from – or see – any other politician.

Photo: Mark Stokes
Little girl smiling
Photo: Santiago Calero from ZonaSiete
Photo: Greg Keating

For LOTS more photos go to NQCC’s Facebook page.

Townsville Community Marches for Climate Action

A large crowd is anticipated to join in the Townsville People’s Climate March on the Strand on Saturday afternoon.

The Townsville march is one of over 2380 marches being held around the world over the weekend. The marches precede the beginning of the 21st United Nations Climate Summit (CPO21) in Paris next week.

Townsville and communities worldwide will call upon global leaders to commit to strong climate action, a rapid and just transition to clean, renewable energy, a safe climate and a better, safer and fairer future for all. Continue reading “Townsville Community Marches for Climate Action”