MEDIA RELEASE: Response to reports that half of GBR may be dead

North Queensland Conservation Council’s members and supporters gathered this morning outside a Reef Summit meeting being put on by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, dismayed at news reports this week that that half of the Great Barrier Reef may already be dead. (See: Terry Hughes tweet, Dr Russell Reichelt in Monday’s Senate Estimates)

Dozens of concerned locals met at Townsville Bulletin Square to create a moving visual representation of coral mortality.

“This is an unprecedented tragedy. It appears half of the Reef may be dead following back-to-back bleaching events in 2016 and 2017” said NQCC Coordinator Maree Dibella.

“Climate change isn’t a future possibility. The climate has already changed by 0.7 degrees and we’ve seen how this small increase has devastated the Reef. It’s absolutely crucial we take every effort to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees if we have any hope of the Reef remaining for the next generation.”

“We need smart and swift action right now. This means no new coal projects. That starts by stopping Adani’s mine. Today we’re calling upon the State Government to rule out cutting a royalties deal with Adani. We are also asking the Federal Government to not hand Adani $1 billion of Australian taxpayers’ money to prop up this otherwise failing project.”

“People at the rally want to see the Reef survive bleaching events and sea temperature rise. We need to protect the near 70,000 jobs that rely on a healthy Reef ecosystem. We want investment in our region for long-term, sustainable jobs, not coal jobs liable to a typical mining boom and bust cycle.”

More photos in this photo album.

Bottoms Up Is Best!

townsville salutesWThe message from Townsville was clear – and the world’s reaction was astounding! Buzzfeed, the international arbiter of what’s hot, called the photo taken at ‘Sea, Sand and Solar’, NQCC’s Day of Climate Action event on Sunday 21 September, ‘The One Picture That Perfectly Sums Up World Action On Climate Change’.

If NQQC and local production house crankycurlew productions can Continue reading “Bottoms Up Is Best!”

Global Day of Climate Action, 21 September

GDCAflyer“To change Everything, we need Everyone!”

Come along and be part of Townsville’s call for a cleaner and more sustainable future. Because our kids deserve better!

On Sunday 21 September, 10am to noon, Burke Street headland, The Strand, be part of the 3190 (as at one week out!) climate mobilisations happening worldwide. Help make our local, state, national politicians Continue reading “Global Day of Climate Action, 21 September”

Rally for the Reef

Clown Fish GBRRally for the Reef – show them you care!
On Wednesday 23 July, five Australian government Senators (Senators Bullock, McEwen, McGrath, Ruston and Waters) will be in Townsville conducting hearings into the adequacy of the Australian and Queensland Governments’ efforts to stop the rapid decline of the Great Barrier Reef at the Holiday Inn in the CBD. So let’s show them that Townsville cares about what is happening to our Reef!
Don your best and brightest reef gear, spruce up your reef placards and join the smiling throng showing Canberra and Brisbane – ‘We expect better management of our Reef’. Continue reading “Rally for the Reef”