Queensland’s Climate Change Policy

The Queensland Government has written a discussion paper on advancing climate change action and transitioning to a low carbon future. Submissions on that paper close this Friday 2nd September.

NQCC is writing a submission, because we know how important climate change is to our future and that it is the biggest challenge facing our global, national and local communities.

Climate change has very concerning risks for Queensland. These include increased intensity of tropical cyclones, varying rainfall and rising temperatures threatening the Wet Tropics region, and continued bleaching of our Reef from warmer and more acidic oceans. It’s not just weather patterns and ecosystems that will be affected. The human risks includes inundation of the Torres Strait Island communities, the range of dengue fever affected areas expanding and an increase in heat related deaths. (See infographic below for more info).

We encourage you to write your own submission too! Our friends at Environmental Defenders Office Queensland have made a template that you can use to express your ideas about climate change policy.

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