Decision-makers in denial

UnknownFor those who watched Four Corners last Monday, it must be very clear that the decision-makers on Abbot Point, the career bureaucrat, the CEO of GBRMPA and the Federal Minister are jointly and severally in denial about the Great Barrier Reef.

As world-renowned scientists lined up to say ‘DON’T DUMP’, the three wise ……. ones collectively buried their heads in the sand and said ‘we know better’. Continue reading “Decision-makers in denial”

North Queensland and Mackay Conservation Councils slam dredging plans

North Queensland Conservation Council and Mackay Conservation Council today joined a coalition of representatives from the fishing and tourism industries, reef scientists and the Australian Greens in voicing extreme alarm about the impact of massive dredging planned for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and the marine environment in general.

“Most people would reasonably assume that if the government establishes a Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and then campaigns internationally to have the Reef recognised as a property with World Heritage values, they are serious about protecting something of immeasurable wealth”, said NQCC Coordinator Wendy Tubman. “But, instead, we see a government so absorbed in creating quick money by exploiting the country’s mineral resources, that they are prepared to destroy an irreplaceable living wonder for ever.”

“It is a scandalous mis-use of power” she said, “and one that will not help them when the people get to decide on their legacy. Millions of thinking Australians understand that the pursuit of wealth must have limits – and destruction of our reef and marine environment is way beyond those limits.”

“The permanent loss of species and of the vast and magnificent reef does not bear thinking about. Yet, at the moment, we see a handful of politicians, backed by a phalanx of mining executives, stealing the heritage of the people of the world in order to expand ports and export Australia’s natural resources. It’s outrageous and must be stopped.”

Contact: Wendy Tubman, NQCC (ph) 4771 6226 (mob) 0451 176 761