Add your name to save GBRWHA waters from the Port’s muddy plan!

Townsville and Magnetic Island face 10.5 years of new dredging under the Port of Townsville’s revised expansion plans, a massive blow out from the 4 years in the original 2013 plans.

The plans also include:

  1. Widening the access channels from 92 metres to 120-180 metres.
  2. Increasing capital dredge spoil from 10.9 million m3 to 11.4 million m3.
  3. Using the dredge spoil to create reclaimed land for the Port’s use, risking a disaster like in Gladstone with acid-sulfate soil leaking through bund walls, polluting and poisoning the marine environment.
  4. Increasing annual maintenance dredging (which continues forever) by 14-17% (an average of an extra 56-68,000 m3 each year), further muddying the waters and smothering sea grass and corals.

This project will be impacting upon marine ecosystems for the next 30 years, threatening the diverse marine habitats that are supported by Cleveland Bay, destroying habitat and feeding grounds for dugongs, snubfin dolphins and sea turtles (already listed as ‘vulnerable’), and muddying the waters that we dive, snorkel and swim in.

All of this environmental damage for a Port that is currently under-utilised and has no business case for expanding!

Right now the Government is asking for your feedback. Add your name today to let them know you aren’t happy with the expansion plans.


Add your name to save our GBRWHA waters from the Port’s muddy plan!

Dear EIS Project Manager,


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