Keeping up with Abbot Point

Caley Valley Abbot Point with Cape Upstart and Mt RoundbackFresh back from Paris, on Monday this week, Greg Hunt (again) gave his approval for the expansion of the Abbot Point port. The expansion would be necessary for what would be Australia’s largest coal mine, Adani’s Carmichael mine, to go ahead.  (Prize to anyone who can explain how those two fit together!)

To refresh memories in this complicated process, Minister Hunt’s first approval Continue reading “Keeping up with Abbot Point”

Paperbark: December 2015 – The e-newsletter of NQCC

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The Paris agreement

The people marched, leaders and the world’s powerful converged on Paris, and an agreement was reached. Better than past outcomes? Continue reading “Paperbark: December 2015 – The e-newsletter of NQCC”

State government looks to fund Adani rail?

Documents identified in a Right to Information (RTI) request to the Queensland Treasury Corporation make clear that the Queensland ALP Government is doing everything it can to provide taxpayer funds to the Adani Corporation’s mine, rail and port developments while pretending to the public that it is keeping its election promises to do no such thing, spokesman for North Queensland Conservation Council (NQCC) Jeremy Tager said today.

For further details, see Adani rail RtI schedule of docs Adani RTI – Documents released, and RTI schedule analysis_final. Continue reading “State government looks to fund Adani rail?”

So who’s next?

imagesThe attempt by the Abbott government to prevent environmental groups from challenging decisions made under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 in court is disturbing for many reasons.

First, it puts the government and business above the law. Continue reading “So who’s next?”

Qld Treasury concern about Adani’s Carmichael mine

carmichael-coal-mineDocuments obtained by NQCC under Right to Information legislation (the State equivalent of the Federal’s Freedom of Information system) have revealed information that has created a major media stir and is cause for further alarm.

Close analysis of the hundreds of pages of RtI documents supplied last month in response to NQCC’s RtI application late last year and relating to the proposed Adani coal projects (Carmichael mine, rail and port terminal) have revealed that Queensland Treasury very concerned about three things. First was Adani’s apparent financial position and credit worthiness. Second was the fact that the previous government undertook no due diligence on either the public company Adani Enterprises or any of the myriad of private companies in the fiscally complex Adani conglomerate. Third was the fact that the Department of State Development appeared to have ‘gone rogue’, excluding both Treasury and the Department of Premier and Cabinet from discussion on Adani proposals.

The first two concerns were addressed in a story, Adani’s Carmichael Mine is unbankable says Queensland Treasury, by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Lisa Cox, which was shared over 5000 times in the 12 hours following its release. The story was later picked up by many outlets from the NQCC media release, Secret government documents show urgent due diligence needed on Adani’s Coal projects.

Treasury’s third concern was covered by ABC journalist Mark Willacy in the story Senior Qld bureaucrats suspicious about Adani deal. This was also picked up by other media by way of NQCC’s second media release for the day.

NQCC is concerned that the current government may be looking to follow too closely in the footsteps of the Newman government when it comes to the coal industry.

The action of Minister for State Development Dr Andrew Lynham in calling for tenders for the dredging at Abbot Point even before the Environmental Impact Statement has been completed is a worry.

And while Treasury was quick today to distance itself from the behavior of the previous government, it is still to demonstrate that it undertook due diligence for the Indian firm that is finding it so hard to find commercial investors but which still plans to destroy much Queensland land in order to export climate change inducing coal through the GBR.

NQCC will continue to work to shed light on the Adani issue, so that Queenslanders can be sure that their representatives are permitting only environmentally sustainable development.