Queensland’s Climate Change Policy

The Queensland Government has written a discussion paper on advancing climate change action and transitioning to a low carbon future. Submissions on that paper close this Friday 2nd September.

NQCC is writing a submission, because we know how important climate change is to our future and that it is the biggest challenge facing our global, national and local communities.

Climate change has very concerning risks for Queensland. These include increased intensity of tropical cyclones, varying rainfall and rising temperatures threatening the Wet Tropics region, and continued bleaching of our Reef from warmer and more acidic oceans. It’s not just weather patterns and ecosystems that will be affected. The human risks includes inundation of the Torres Strait Island communities, the range of dengue fever affected areas expanding and an increase in heat related deaths. (See infographic below for more info).

We encourage you to write your own submission too! Our friends at Environmental Defenders Office Queensland have made a template that you can use to express your ideas about climate change policy.

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Clearing law loss a disaster for the Reef, climate change and wildlife

Last night, the Queensland government failed to pass vital land-clearing reform legislation.

This is a disaster of Queensland’s making.

It’s a huge win for big agriculture and a terrible blow for our Reef, climate change and hundreds of Queensland’s vulnerable or endangered species.

The health of our Reef is directly linked to increased erosion that comes from the tree clearing. Queensland has now passed up the chance to take real steps to protect our Reef for Australians and visitors around the world who support a major tourism industry.

Clearing in Queensland has doubled since 2011 to almost 300,000 hectares a year, more than half of this in reef catchments.

The rejection of this legislation is at odds with $8.2 billion recently announced to restore erosion and fix water quality in catchments flowing to the Reef.  These reforms were essential for the Reef to stay off the UNESCO World Heritage ‘in danger’ list.

It’s tragic that, as a State, we aren’t doing a better job of protecting our state and its globally significant natural assets.


More coverage: ‘Queensland land-clearing controls face defeat with former Labor MP voting no’, in The Guardian, and ‘Toughened tree clearing laws fail to pass Queensland Parliament in blow to minority Labor Government’, on ABC News.

The Hon. Dr Steven Miles presents on the challenges facing the reef and the cost to fix it

On the 11th of August, NQCC staffers Maree Dibella and Jacob Miller attended Hon. Dr Steven Miles’ presentation on the challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef, as the Virginia Chadwick Memorial Lecture. Dr Miles unveiled the findings of a report by the Water Science Taskforce that details an $8.2 billion strategy to save the reef over the next decade.

The strategy is to reduce the amount of sediment the runs off in the reef by managing vegetation clearing and addressing gully erosion. Of particular concern is the Fitzroy catchment near Rockhampton, taking about three-quarters of the recommended funding, as well as the Burdekin catchment to the south of Townsville, which requires $1.39 billion for rehabilitation.

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Paperbark e-newsletter August 2016


Welcome to this month’s Paperbark! It’s been a busy month of planning events and making submissions about various conservation issues being reviewed. Just a reminder if you were a member in 2015/2016, you have until 5 September until your membership officially lapses. Click here to renew your membership. In this issue, Protecting our wildlife – Vegetation Management laws – Climate Change Policy – Upcoming Events – General Notices.
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Upcoming Fundraising Dinner


The North Queensland Conservation Council is hosting a dinner to celebrate our history and the the wonderful people that have contributed over the years.

Come along to the NQCC office for a garden dinner and catch up with familiar faces.

Tickets are $20 a head. If you are a founding, life or honorary member of NQCC, you may attend the dinner free of charge.

Tickets can be purchased here.