Coal and Climate Change: Ethics, Health and Divestment


You are warmly welcomed to this NQCC forum to be held at Townsville Yacht Club, 1 Plume Street, Townsville at 7pm on Wednesday 12 August.

Coal is a major contributor to the climate change that threatens the entire planet as we know it. All aspects of our lives are increasingly being affected.

The debate and call for stronger action have moved beyond the realms of science and conservationists, and now involves economists, defence experts, business leaders, bankers, unions, investors, insurance brokers, tourism operators, farmers, graziers, health professionals and faith-based individuals and groups, to name just some.

Come along to the forum and hear from Bernard Durie about the ethics of the issues, from Dr Katrina Lyne on the health impacts of coal-driven climate change both in Australia and in developing countries, and from Julien Vincent with suggestions about what you can do to ensure that your investments are not contributing to the problem.

Short addresses by each speaker will be followed by an open Q&A session.

You are warmly invited to what promises to be an interesting and provocative contribution to the debate and subsequent action.

Look forward to seeing you, your friends, family and colleagues at Townsville Yacht Club for a 7pm start on Wednesday 12 August.

This event is free, but donations are always welcome!

Please RSVP to help us with seating arrangements.